Keep Warm Scuba Divers! PLUS Surf Fur Waterparka Review PLUS Exciting News From Jennifer Idol!


Keep warm, scuba divers! 5 tips for getting/staying warm when scuba diving. My new favourite piece of (non-) dive gear reviewed. An exciting announcement from Divers Ready collaborator Jennifer Idol. Phew!

00:52 Intro

02:22 Why is keeping warm important for scuba divers?

04:35 How to choose a wetsuit

06:25 How do wetsuits work?

07:37 Do we lose most of our heat through our heads?

08:44 The importance of getting dry quickly

09:46 Warm clothing for warm climates?

10:49 Surf Fur Waterparka review

14:44 Photography Expedition announcement from Explorer's Club fellow Jennifer Idol.

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Here's the link to the brochure to Jennifer Idol's Summer 2020 Expedition:


Lots covered in this video! Each piece of this film follows a theme: staying warm! We're giving you our five tips for beating the chill when scuba diving, PLUS our new favorite boat coat review; Surf Fur Waterparka and an exciting cold water expedition announcement from Jennifer Idol, aka The Underwater Designer and first woman to dive all fifty U.S. States.

Even living in Florida, the water is still colder than body temperature, so you still feel the chill. Combine that with a sudden drop in air temperature and brrrr! My years of cold water scuba diving have taught me a trick or two about keeping warm before, during, between and after dives, that I'm sharing with you here!

Thanks for watching! Dive safe...



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