Gran Turismo®SPORT | Nurburgring Practice Session & Hot Lap - Honda NSX Type R


Car details: Tires - Sport Soft, Traction Control Off

Comments: Driving this was an absolute treat. The midship cars require such a different driving approach, one that is constantly mindful that the rear weight bias can spin you out at any time. Under hard braking and cornering, the rear can slip away from you very quickly, which is exactly what happened on the first lap of the session. I was using this time to really get used to the car. Trail braking can be very useful, as with many other cars, but the magnitude of the weight transfer has to be monitored. After the first carousel, I was really using the weight transfer to get myself around corners as fast as possible. On one corner I feel like I flung the car too much using the brakes and ended up putting myself into a spin. But I must say the NSX is a spectacular machine that is rewarding to master.

Gran Turismo Sport


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